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Solved: we can't find your camera windows 10 Error code 0xa00f4244 (Updated 2019)

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Windows 10, 8.x have built-in camera app. Now, This is more developed. But some Times After install windows update or after updgrade to anniversary update While using or after launching this camera app app, It may show you a message like “We can’t find your camera“ Error code 0xa00f4244. Then you may not be able to use it because of Error

Read more about this error :

Basically, It happens when windows can’t detect your camera hardware. If you webcam is damaged, Windows may show you this error message. Else, Bugs in Windows 10 camera app, Conflict with other programs or services, webcam driver problem, antivirus software that’s blocking the webcam or camera etc

There might be few more reasons but what matters is how to fix error code 0xa00f4244 in Windows 10. So let us see how to do it.

Make sure the camera app is turned on

This is a very basic thing that lot of us miss. You need to Turn on Camera first. If you have just installed Windows 10 then, chances are Your Camera is turned off and so you are shown 0xa00f4244 error every time you launch the camera.

Reset The camera App

If your camera app data becomes corrupted, You may face many errors while using it. Resetting camera app may fix we can’t find your camera error 0xA00F4244 or other similar problems

Run Windows App Troubleshooter to Fix Camera App

If your camera app has any problem which is causing can’t find camera error 0xa00f4344, This method may help you. Windows app troubleshooter normally detect and fixes common app errors which can be helpful for you.

Check Antivirus Settings or Disable it:

To protect your privacy, Some antivirus programs restricts other apps from using your webcam. It can be a reason behind windows app saying we can’t find your camera problem. So, Open Antivirus and find relevant settings and disable that option. If you don’t find, Just disable antivirus temporarily and see what happens.

Check for camera drivers

If your Recently Installed Windows 10 is throwing Error Code 0xa00f4244, then it’s quite obvious that you need New and Updated Drivers for your Camera. Integrated or External, Both Cameras need Up-To-Date drivers. Updating Drivers is quite a task, and it may take lot of time finding the right drivers for your hardware. or you can download latest driver from manufacturer website.

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  1. GMA (Gospel Music According To Angelos) 1 year ago

    You are the best, guess? I've got to solve my no camera found problem, created 2 screens step by step pausing the video,the I have it in restaured and working. That my ProBook 4520s so old, back to life, windows 10

  2. GMA (Gospel Music According To Angelos) 1 year ago

    You are the best, guess? I've got to solve my no camera found problem, created 2 screens step by step pausing the video,the I have it in restaured and working. That my ProBook 4520s so old, back to life, windows 10

  3. Karan Jaiswal 1 year ago

    Mera camera nahi chalu huaa

  4. Sunil Bhola 1 year ago

    Not worked on my laptop 😣

  5. can yüksek 1 year ago

    FİX:::::::: FN V FN+V OR FN ESC

  6. miki maynato 1 year ago

    Gracias por la ayuda

  7. Caroline W 1 year ago

    OMG! this worked… I had all the same problems as everyone, no imaging device in my device manager it looked like my computer did not even know there was a webcam in it. I tried downloading so many drivers to get this to work and nothing… Tried the last tip at 2:40 restarted my computer and it worked!!!!! Thank you so much I dont know what I did or how it worked but I was just so shocked to see my camera finally turn on. Thank you so much seriously!

  8. Rossi Aray 1 year ago

    nothing worked for my camera, its a vx 3000 with updated drivers, windows 10 pro 64 bits

  9. Adrian Bibiloni 1 year ago

    Con un portátil Huawei se me ha solucionado bajando el último Firmware. Un saludo!

  10. mchandaltx 1 year ago

    tried them all no luck.

  11. Piyush Agrawal 1 year ago

    1) Please check strip over your lenovo laptop webcam, If its OFF, slide it to turn ON.
    2) Try reinstalling drivers
    I) Uninstall camera driver from device manager
    II) Update to latest camera driver.
    3) Try clicking Fn + F6 or Fn + F8 key.

  12. Chris Stloukal 1 year ago

    Thank you it worked. I would have been more disappointed if it did not cause I jus switched from mac to a new pc. 😉

  13. Syrus Drayton 1 year ago

    not work, you suck, noob

  14. Windows 7 1 year ago

    downgrading the driver worked for me

  15. MJ Castillo Vlogs 1 year ago

    Before, I did not face this problem. I was shookt when my laptop did recognize my built in camera. Before my camera is working properly but now I don't know what happened.

  16. Nabin Upadhaya 1 year ago

    before trying anything else try Fn+F6. See it in the keyboard some of them have F8 keys or else. just see the webcam image on the keyboard and press it with Function key. mine worked that way

  17. coco silk 1 year ago

    FN + F10 on my laptop turns the camera on and off. That's all the problem turned out to be with mine in the end.

  18. Error No Such User 1 year ago

    Thank goodness you didn't include a useful voice over, because it would have ruined the Kenny G. jazz experience! What a fucking horrible monotonous backing track! You should have started with a suggestion that we all shut off the volume before continuing with the video.

  19. S S 1 year ago

    Same not solved plss deep check video

  20. Alinta Richardson 1 year ago

    omg thank you so much

  21. lilian richard 1 year ago

    thank you loads….. the last step worked for me been looking for solutions for a long time. thanks and be blessed

  22. keepey precious Bien 1 year ago

    thank you sooo much it really helps

  23. BEERUS FN 1 year ago

    guys i have an asus rog and the camera is not working some help please

  24. Tryndamere IV 1 year ago

    for those who use laptop….try press FN key+ F6…..it will work perfectly fine (works on my MSI GP73 laptop ) 😀

  25. Dr.Muhammed Khalid 1 year ago

    helped me >>>thx bro

  26. Glam 'O Zorya Media House 1 year ago

    i don't know if it'll work for u or not, but if it helps, try pressing "Fn+F10" f10 is ur camera key, it diid work for me. open camera app, n try it if it doesn't work otherwise.
    In my Laptop,
    1. Camera Privacy Settings was turned "ON"
    2. Device Manager didn't show either Cameras or Imaging Devices
    3. When I finally got Imaging Devices from Device manager-Desktop-Actions-Add Legacy Hardware-Install Manually->there u have cameras and imaging devices, still, i was unable to install or update my driver.
    So, i contacted my Laptop Company{AZOM }, the next day itself, they replied with a solution(which i mentioned above).
    Maybe, camera shortcut function key is different in ur laptop or pc, but do give it a try, it works.

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