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How to Talk About Sports in English – Spoken English Lesson

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In this lesson, you can learn how to talk about sports in English.
Are you a sport fan? What sports do you like playing? Talking about sports in English is a great way to improve your conversation skills. After you watch, continue practicing your speaking with a certified English teacher:

Sport is a common topic in English conversation, so whether you like sport or not, it’s good to have something to say and be able to to ask some questions about sport.

See the full lesson with the script here:

1. Talking About Your General Opinion 0:35
2. How to Talk About Team Sports 4:05
3. How to Talk About Individual Sports 7:20
4. Talking About Why You Do Sport 11:55
5. Making a Longer Answer 15:01

In this lesson, you can learn:
– How to your opinion on sports. Do you like sports? Why or why not?
– Ways to talk about team sports in English.
– Phrases and vocabulary to talk about individual sports in English.
– Some helpful grammar rules when describing sports in English
– How to explain why you prefer certain sports.
– Helpful ways to make your answers about sport longer and more detailed.

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  1. Sonia Marchante 1 year ago

    Hello teachers. Just a few words to thank you because I feel very grateful for your lessons. I find them pretty interesting, everything is very well explained, you are clear, and all of your advice is very useful. I'm subscribing to your channel when I just finished writing this comment. See you soon!

  2. Idayat Ibraheem 1 year ago


  3. Jabbar 08 1 year ago

    My name is : Jabbar
    Nim : C1B119028
    clas : A
    Angkatan 2019
    Thanks you

  4. Jumriani Adi 1 year ago


  5. Anlee Ferber gross 1 year ago

    Kann hier jemand auch deutsche wen ja liken

  6. Srimathi Venkatraman 1 year ago

    I would really like to play shuttle cock. It's really interesting to play and I find it's relaxing someway.

  7. Александр Белявский 1 year ago


  8. zero 1 year ago

    помогите 18КС СДЕЛАТЬ ЗАДАНИЕ
    This is a lesson where is taught how to speak about sport in English. You study the information and at the end make a small report according the model about your attitude to sport.

  9. San Goku 1 year ago

    Hello teachers. I'm a French student, and your videos can explain me how I can make a very good answer. I don't speak english fluently, so i need the subtitles. But sometimes, these are wrong and I don't understand all you are saying. But I still loves your videos. Great job👍👏

  10. Đức Đinh 1 year ago

    I 've always been really sporty especially football i'm crazy about Manchester united.i remember when i was young i used to play football with my friend in the afternoon, because we lived a village and it's a rather poor village so we had not enough money to rent a sport hall or a 5-side-football but we had good ideal ever that we played football on a field after harvest , to me that was the best field i have ever played we didn't really care about for who wins the important thing was we having a laugh with some good friends and we played along time a match until the sunset went down and that was a great time but i never forgot, now we are mature people , some people working overseas , others married people so it is very difficult to gather together ,one day i hope we will play in a field again and getting a beer afterward..thanks for reading this my comment

  11. Vlados MC 1 year ago


  12. بنت الحشد 1 year ago


  13. QIN LAI 1 year ago

    Thank you for the channel!!so useful~~ here is my writing
    I've alwasys been really sporty, when i was in my hometown, i always playing basketball with my younger brother. There is no better feeling than when you doing sports with your families. we are thus become so close. I also like some individual sports like jogging, maybe one day i will tyr the marathon. Now we are having the quarantine time, so i usually doing yoga at home or some diet dance. I enjoy the tired feeling after the complete movements. I can find the achievements of exercise and feel so confidence~

  14. Lucas Rodrigues 1 year ago

    Nice lesson.

  15. Li Shen 1 year ago

    I am not that into sports, to be honest. You can see that I am not very athletic and I find watching sports rather boring. That said, fitness and staying healthy are very important to me, that's why I go running and do yoga regularly. I go for a run twice a week or so, sometimes in the park near my place or in the gym when the weather is not good. Mostly I go by myself, but occasionally I run with my husband. I do yoga by myself in my living room most mornings, but sometimes I go to the gym with a group of other people, because it's more fun and the instructor can help correct my postures. Some people do sport to socialise, others may love to compete, but for me the most important thing is being active and staying in shape. I don't really enjoy it, though I don't mind it either. Exercising always feels more like work than something fun.

  16. Phong Pixel 1 year ago


  17. Quique Lobo 1 year ago


  18. Álvaro Lobo Rubio 1 year ago


  19. Ckimi 1 year ago

    Yes i Like a Workout …

  20. Farhan Khan 1 year ago

    From my boyhood I have always been a sporty . Playing cricket or football is really enjoyable for me But I am not so fanatic Besides for maintaining fitness and staying are indespensable. That's why I play football in football club with my friends For 1 hour match .Frankly speaking,win or loose is not necessary to me I just play sports to stay in healthy and fit

  21. Vladimir Jakovljevic 1 year ago

    I am really into sports from the young ages. I have been playing football since i was 5 years old and i really enjoy playing this game. When i was younger i played for a local club. We trained four times weekly and had one or two games. But nowadays, i just play for fun with my colleges from the work. We consider playing football as the most important team-building activity we have. We usually play a 5 on 5 game, but tomorrow, we will be playing a 7 on 7 game because some guys from our sister company will join us. I also watch football, usually with my brother or girlfriend. I am a fan of Serbian team Red Star Belgrade, but i also sympathize Liverpool and Dortmund.

  22. tulasi krishna 1 year ago

    What is 5-a side football means?

  23. safia Ahmed 1 year ago

    حطو ترجمه بالعربي ترى فيه عرب يتابعونكم٠😭💔

  24. Garallah Ofan 1 year ago

    Well actually I have been always really sporty.I really enjoy playing football with my friends once or twice a week usually we go out from the city to a small suburb and rent a hall sport for 2 hours to play a 60 minutes match. Personally I am an athletic and I find doing exercises can keep me fit and healthy. For me the most important is the social side of sport competition. This is because I can make friends and make me overcoming my fear.

  25. Angie Ruiz 1 year ago

    Yes, I like to play sports, I feel good practicing it, it keeps me in shape, it entertains me, it is also good for health, I like basketball because it is beautiful, you can interact with more people, always judicious, strong, dedicated and accomplished

  26. ALEJANDRA 1106 1 year ago

    I like Roller Derby, 4 years ago, because it is for strong girls, in Colombia it is not knowm. It is a sport oficial physical contacto no skaters. it is sports fast and difficult.

  27. leonardo ordoñez 1 year ago

    Hi, I like kick boxing, because always I have been really sporty and the kick boxing is a demanding sport it’s for people strong and like that. About the sport, a like the contact sports, because it’s practice is difficult and I found the kick boxing much more interesting than others. I am in the kick boxing a person ágil and very fast, the kick boxing is dangerous sport but it isn’t problem for me I always give everything.

  28. geraldine perez 1 year ago

    Hi, thanks you teacher, good class.
    Yes, I like sports because interesting and help to have help to have a good physical conditon, it also helps fight diseases such as diabetes. I like sports that are practiced un open places, I like running, I like soccer and volleyball, because it's more fun and healtly. I practice atlhetism but un different modalities, running and strenght such a javelin and 200 flat meters, they help me to Focus and not have a sedentary life.

  29. claudia Perez 1 year ago

    Yes, because it Is important for have good had can't fanny.
    I like cycling, because is sport individual, it can be practiced in city and only need a bicycle.
    Sometimes I play sports because I don't have time to go in "ciclovía" on Sundays

  30. Beckembauer Fonseca Niño 1 year ago

    1- I like practice sports because is healthy and improvement the eathing habits.
    2- I like practice cycling because helps me clean the lung and I can breathe fresh air.
    3- I consider myself good to ride a bike, because I have much resistence and strength in the legs

  31. Norman Bates 1 year ago

    1). Yes, I like sports because these are healthy and entertaining.
    2). I like esther sports because these sports exercise allá the body and hice calm.
    3). I consider myself ordinary to practice swimming since i don't have much breathing resistance.


    I like sports, my favorite sports is the soccer, because it is funny and creative, i would be very happy player soccer, because help my life and fit with my friends.

  33. Luisa Rodriguez 1 year ago

    1)I like soports, because I find Volleyball verte relaxing and fun.
    2)I like they soccer, tennis, basketball and Volleyball. I enjoy some soports, tought I'm not fanatic. Playing Volleyball or something like that can be fun. We go to the courts near the house, we put together two teams and we play about two hours.
    3) My self is a good person for Volleyball, because I'm fast, I'm strong and I'm concentrate.

  34. Michael Asdrubal Cubillos Gamba 1 year ago

    Do you like sports?. No, I don't practice any sport because I don't like excercise my self.
    Whant kind of sports do you like. I don't any sports yo be honest, because I am not very attletic, but I like will go to swimming pool with my friends.
    How doy you describe yourself practising a sports.
    I liked to run, once a week or sometimes in the park just arround to my home, ir was fin. But I will liked to running now, but I dont have time

  35. Daniel Triana 1 year ago

    I like sports as they are very entertaining and i relax a lot when it comes to seeing them and I like to see several of them since each has a characteristic that I could feel in the fans
    There are two sports that I like as is f1 and football  for the effort so you have to be very dedicated and demonstrate all the strength that an athlete should have
    Practical football since I am good at goalkeeper's stay I am very adept at jumping run be attentive and have the strength so that they do not score goals the other team

  36. carolina Hernandez 1 year ago

    If I like sports because I help you with health, my favorite sport is speed skating because of its adrenaline, difficulty and competition, I am committed to doing a sport that I like to practice

  37. Juliana Suarez 1 year ago

    Yes i like sports because they help heart's performance and physical condition, i like contact sports and physical agility,i like javelin and rygby,I do athletims two to three times a week for four years ,where i practice javelin throw, ballet throw and 100 flat meters,I go to class the tuesdays ,thursdays and saturdays at santander general school.

  38. Yisseth Gonzalez 1 year ago

    I don't like sports very much, to be honest. I'm not very athletic or very good, but sometimes I go to the gym with my boyfriend to be fit. I like to play volleyball and basketball, but I always find it difficult due to my short stature, sometimes I play volleyball with some friends on Mondays and Wednesdays, some days I go running with my dog ​​for an hour or two, but I get tired very fast When I go to the gym, I usually exercise on the treadmill for half an hour, then I do legs or arms on the machines for 40 minutes and finally I go to a 1-hour aerobics class.

  39. Harold Saavedra 1 year ago

    I like to practice swimming. because it seems to me a very complete sport
    I like strength and endurance sports
    In sports I am characterized by putting effort and perseverance in training in order to obtain the best results.

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