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How to Fix Bootmgr is missing Windows 10

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How to Fix Bootmgr is missing Windows 10

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Looking to fix corrupt master boot record? bootmgr is missing press ctrl+alt+del to restart windows 10? when you MBR gets corrupted or damaged, then you need to fix or repair it. I will show you how in the video, make sure you watch the video from start to end.

1. First Download the Windows 10.

2. Create a Windows 10 bootable media using Media Creation Tool or Rufus

3. Change your PC BIOS settings to boot from the bootable media. Press one of the function keys (F1, F2, F3, F10, or F12), the ESC or Delete key. The key to press is normally on bottom of post screen.

4. Boot PC from USB flash drive to start the Windows 10 Setup.

5. Click Next.

6. Click the Repair your computer

7. Click Troubleshoot.

8. Click Advanced options.

9. Click Command Prompt.

10. Type the following commands and press enter each time.

Bootrec /fixMbr

Bootrec /fixBoot

BCDedit /export C:BCDBackup
Attrib c:BootBCD -h -r -s
Ren C:bootbcd bcd.old
Bootrec /RebuildBcd
Y for yes

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  1. Ramanuj Venkatesh 10 months ago

    Just a quick question … Can I perform the above steps , as shown in your video, to multiple HDs or would it be suffice to do it for one?

  2. Mohamed Atef 10 months ago

    The cmd is just…..x:sources>
    Oly showes that

  3. Guitarguts63 10 months ago

    If i already started the upgrade installation from win7-64 pro, and i deleted Essentials since it caused a conflict all was going well until reboot. Then bootmgr missing. I was doing installation overtop my original so the install run file was on my hard drive which shouldnt be an issue. How can i get a command prompt to edit without being able to do anything except for Cntrl alt delete?
    Do i revert back to 7. Undo changes and then command prompt to fix this and try install again?
    I cant wipe this machine for a clean install. I need to upgrade over top the 7 os

  4. 33lex55 10 months ago

    After 'Bootrec /fixMbr' it stops at 'fixboot'.

    And how do you get into 'admin'- mode during setup?

  5. Mike Saint-Jules 10 months ago

    For those having issues with the fix boot command, you need to be in administrator mode to bypass it. Type bootsect /nt60 sys and then proceed with the fixboot command to fix it.

  6. Khaled Mohi 10 months ago

    Thank you

  7. Bad Alice 10 months ago

    Damn DUDE. I had to download Win 10 64 bit on my android. Transfer it to Win 7 32 bit PC to get it on a USB stick. It took forever. The download file is a little over 5gig. My flash drive is 16 gig. I kept getting message that my 16 gig flash drive did not have enough room to load the file. Took me some time to solve the problem. I tried moving all the folders out of the flash drive, still not enough room. I formatted the usb stick still not enough room. FAT 32. I formatted again, and converted the file system to NTFS. It finally worked. I have been at this for about 6 hours. Now I can't open the damn folder to set up the recovery stick, probably because it's 64 bit. F, U, C, K. Not your fault.
    So now I have to figure out how to open this bitch.

  8. L 10 months ago

    Never in my entire life was i able to run fixboot, ever. ACCESS DENIED

  9. Andre Champoux 10 months ago

    Doing the FIXBOOT command, I received ACCESS DENIED. ARG!!!

  10. das.ist_kevin 10 months ago

    Unable to fixboot

  11. LixCZ 10 months ago

    Hi how to fix this when it happend when i plugged in my windows to go usb?

  12. steev jobs 10 months ago

    the video jumps from cmd prompt x:sources> to x:windowssystem32> which i believe is administrator privalidge. plz explain how this is done, i get access is denied when entering bootrec /fixboot although bootrec /fixmbr entered okay.

  13. qura the monkey 10 months ago


  14. R ESP1000 10 months ago

    what to do when you have no other pc or way to create a usb

  15. Lucky SMC12 10 months ago

    Bro thanks you do much it work very well thank you. 😉😉😉

  16. HaekalSZ 10 months ago

    How do you download the windows 10 while my PC is stuck at this bootmgr is missing and can't get to windows

  17. Gemm6905 10 months ago

    Thanks a huge lot! I was about to give up but following the instructions fixed it!

  18. Jordan V 10 months ago

    Good tutorial man love it

  19. Aidenn Pearcee 10 months ago

    life saver

  20. Sebastian Rogers 10 months ago

    I think you might have fixed my computer… I almost lost everything. Thank you so much!!

  21. Astrait 10 months ago

    but what if Bootrec /fixboot was denied what do i do please help someone
    also instead of X:windowssystem32>, i have X: Sources> what should i do and why is it like that

  22. Sladjana Vukasinovic 10 months ago

    This is very good explanation. I have the problem because my upgrade windows 10 pro from win7 was on 2 ssd in raid, was running out of space and got the bigger ssd where I want to clone my raid and still keep the raid ssd reformatted for storage. Question: can I still boot from BIOS like you said or do I have to get rid of the raid? Thank you

  23. BearSnipes 10 months ago

    Can I use the windows 10 disk for this

  24. jayngo23 10 months ago

    When I'm trying to boot windows 10. After I click boot with USB it shows a blinking underscore please can anyone help?

  25. Soft Mugali 10 months ago

    Thanks Brian, it worked for me.

  26. %SystemRoot% 10 months ago

    This is still a thing in 2018? omg….

  27. Wayne Martin 10 months ago

    Cheers legend! Glad you're still here.

  28. vijay singh 10 months ago

    Sir , my w10 log in page shows but password screen doesn't come there, so that I am unable to log in and my mouse and laptop keys are not working. Actually it was happened when I accidentally deleted the unallocated space( 100 mb )before c drive , now how can I log in and repair my pc.

  29. xadam2dudex 10 months ago

    hmmm after a failed video driver install my triple boot PC would not boot…The Great PC disaster of 2017….after trying to recover the system I got this error missing boot manager…nothing worked and ending up losing all versions of windows and data partitions from both drives …ended up getting Windows 10 reinstalled and thanks to some partition recovery software was able to recover both data partitions but no OS partitions …after years of tweaking Windows XP and 7 they and all the programs were gone .. now I'm left with Windows 10 …too bad you can't sue the makers of the video card driver …I wonder if this would have worked ?

  30. Harry Burton 10 months ago

    Another great video Brian to a common problem. Thanks.

  31. Denny 10 months ago

    I have a question, I accidentally put in a security code in my Bios (I know what the code is) but, I don't know how to take it out?
    In an attempt to try to take it out by myself… I put another code in it??? So when I log in .. I have to put both code's in before I can log in to Window..🤔 🤷‍♂️ .. Its on windows 10 Tablet.. Thank You.. 👍👍

  32. Mohammad Shhadet 10 months ago


  33. damolin77 10 months ago

    Awesome Brian thank you

  34. Rounak Dutta 10 months ago

    Great video Brian!

  35. Kum bra 10 months ago

    In our institute ,, I did more than 15 time bootable and installed ,,, now few weeks later I can't bootable as well as can't install ?!! 2 USB have , 3 os , many system

  36. Eagle Ales 10 months ago

    Very informative and perfect video, thanks, Brian.

  37. James Smith 10 months ago

    Should you do all of those repair commands in a row, or check to see if the problem is fixed after each one?

  38. Noel Dowds 10 months ago

    Great Vid Brian
    Thanks Noel

  39. MrSammy 10 months ago

    😒 hmm i hate when that happens 💻

  40. Corey 10 months ago

    I tried to reinstall windows 7 on a friend's Dell Latitude XTR after trying to install 200 updates and having 34 of those updates failed. I suspected it was a failed ssd

  41. LPG 10 months ago

    Thank you, I'm gonna try this. When moving disks to my new computer It wouldnt boot on my windows 10 on my one SSD without the other empty SSD also connected. I would just get this error. I assume it was because I first made a fresh install on my second SSD, but then decided to stick with my old install since it worked just fine anyway.

  42. Aleksander Dobrowolski 10 months ago

    My laptop on windows 10 restarts after shutting down. I reinstalled Windows, reflashed bios and updated chipset drivers, nothing helps.

  43. Senon1172k4 10 months ago

    Dude..my windows isn't updating to the April update…it installs but after restart nothing happens and a notification shows up saying failed to install…I even tried disabling my antivirus and I deleted the software distribution folder and restarted those processes…what should I do now? It successfully updated till 1709 but not 1803!

  44. Nopparuj 10 months ago

    Is this covered repairing infected MBRs?

  45. John Maguire 10 months ago

    Thanks Brian! Another ripper mate! 🙂

  46. SAI RAM 10 months ago

    thank you

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