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How to fix Bluetooth headset/headphones peripheral device error 2017 | Tech Addict

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Update: Please download Toshiba Bluetooth stack driver it will connect your device automatically…

Toshiba Bluetooth stack

How to fix Bluetooth headset/headphones peripheral device error | Tech Addict
Headphones are not working the most common error is to fix a driver by installing it or here is an alternative method

Fix connections to Bluetooth audio devices and wireless displays

Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver Not Found on Windows 7 Solved

How To Fix Bluetooth Driver Problems

Open Control Panel
Double-click Device Manager
Locate and double-click the Bluetooth driver that you need to update
Click the Driver tab
Click the Update Driver button
Click Search automatically for updated driver software
Windows will now search for the latest driver on your system and the Internet. After Windows has located the latest driver, and install it.

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  1. techrollen 10 months ago

    Update: please download toshiba bluetooth stack (link is given in description) it will automatically fix port problem and works fine..i will create a video soon if it works give thumbs up here

  2. Rahul Kumar 10 months ago

    chutiye work kaha kr rha he ????

  3. lifat khan mojlish 10 months ago

    Thanks 😁

  4. Pepitamacaw 10 months ago

    thank you, it worked to connect my beats solo3 to my old laptop(windows 7)

  5. Enderson Garcia 10 months ago

    I just love you, the program worked perfectly !!!

  6. donthasslethahoff 10 months ago

    Toshiba bluetooth stack doesnt work. Keeps asking me to plug in device even after i've plugged in.

  7. Ibnu Amarullah 10 months ago

    is this work if my bluetooth device is bluetooth 4.0 but the bluetooth radio is bluetooth 2.0??

  8. Kunal Korde 10 months ago

    excellent its working really ……….Thanks

  9. Kunal Korde 10 months ago

    really its working thanks

  10. Aves Pervez 10 months ago

    thank you thankyou soooo much bro you make my day ….toshiba link works …may God bless you yaaar thankyou so much once again…kafi time se meri ye problem solve nhi ho rahi and finally help me to slove

  11. PANKAJ SAXENA 10 months ago

    Install but not work

  12. Information World -By abhijeet 10 months ago

    this is not solution bro only error gone this steps but dont connect sound, so please dont cheat your viewrs bro

  13. fatin nahe 10 months ago

    thank you

  14. Edwin Theuri 10 months ago

    thank you so much you saved me a ton of embrasement searching the internet.

  15. The Resolution 10 months ago

    dude,,i have installed the toshiba bluetooth software and it connects but when a disconnect my headfone for a while and try to reconnect,it connects but no sound will appear,,headfones are connected but no sound

  16. DYNXMIT3 OFFICIAL 10 months ago

    thanks bro the toshiba link worked

  17. bido nour 10 months ago

    A very huge thanks to your esteemed effort man. I've wasted about 5 hours searching for a solution. My greetings

  18. Rakesh Dutta 10 months ago

    Thanks a ton for the fix mate…..wow at least someone knows what is going on….

  19. M D 10 months ago

    Worked perfectly thank you for your help.

  20. Frosted Nox 10 months ago

    Windows (any version) is pure ass

  21. geoflypagesitservice 10 months ago

    abey connect karke dikha

  22. Evergreen Studio 10 months ago

    Troubleshoot gone but did not connect

  23. Angie 10 months ago

    my problem is my laptop cant found the bluetooth device like 0.16 in the video

  24. MR K 10 months ago

    bullshit 🙂

  25. Gamer Buddy 10 months ago

    BRO TYSM I have Been searching about this from when Finally got it

  26. JC Network 10 months ago

    kindle fire is it ur bluetooth's brand? tq

  27. 王成詳 10 months ago


  28. Oof Me 10 months ago

    The yellow triangle is gone but I still can’t use my beats???

  29. vin chander 10 months ago

    automatically Support in windows 8

  30. Rahul Bhakare 10 months ago

    still not connected….

  31. Miguel Valladares 10 months ago

    It worked! Thanks!

  32. huseen84 10 months ago

    "now you are connected"…nope, im not ..whether bluetooth device made up by fucked ups or microsoft. Probably microsoft still ignoring reality that half of world using android devices…Instead searching to fix this I could connect my device via cable and done my file transferring by a hour ago .(yes these guys offering same solutions tablets /phones and my win7 build up pc refuses transfer android device 🙁 )

  33. MyNameKro 10 months ago

    It requires pairing everytime i turn on my bluetooth headset, this is hopeless

  34. Karl Mendoza 10 months ago

    it works thanks. but 30days evaluation period. any idea how to have the full version?

  35. Confan 12 10 months ago

    did it work offline plz teacher

  36. Chocolate Cake 10 months ago

    No joy 🙁 the yellow triangle on next to troubleshoot has gone but device still won't connect. Its a Samsung tablet and I can't find any drivers for it.

  37. HalRogers2000 10 months ago

    Sorry, but a total waste of time. No solution

  38. Rodrigo Costa 10 months ago

    Follow step by step but still do not appear the h7 on audio devices even with "show disabled devices" selected, any help?

  39. amer nenos 10 months ago

    This device cannot start. (Code 10) what is resolve please

  40. Camilo Villanueva Giribaldi 10 months ago

    yeeeeeeeea you save me!tanks you

  41. Pratap Mandapalli 10 months ago

    hi … I have followed all the instructions, but finally I'm not getting the audio on Bluetooth device… is there any changes required ?

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