Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode #1 Clip – Daenerys meets Khal Moro (HBO)

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  1. Gaaxure 11 months ago

    What have the Romans ever done for us?

  2. Rolando Vellon 11 months ago

    Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men,

  3. Picky Piazza 11 months ago

    Omg one of Moro's wives is Maddie from Siren, and on Arya's story arc in Braavo there's a girl in the theater that want to kill the one that plays Cersei and thats Ryn from Siren 😱 then on the Dorne storyline one of the sand snakes sent to kill Tristan is Colleen from Iron First and Loras Tyrell is Danny Rand aka Iron Fist 😱 and Dickon Tarly (samwell's brother) is Luke from Umbrella Academy and wow they were there first and there are much more like that 😂

  4. silent anonymous 11 months ago

    His blood riders were killing him there

  5. TengKuHaizim10 11 months ago

    Aquaman And qi'ra start wars

  6. A K 11 months ago

  7. Black fyre 11 months ago

    The millionth of your name! LMFAO finally someone isn't impressed by her long dumbass title

  8. Agent Of Vengeance 11 months ago

    Jealous bitches be like: Cut off her head.

  9. Afsal k 11 months ago

    guyz where i can download dothroky subtitles

  10. Zelda Forever 〈3 11 months ago

    More like khal moron

  11. Liljara Moose 11 months ago

    I haven't seen this jet but i love the language so I just had to watch it

  12. psychadelic12598 11 months ago

    Is it just me or is it hot to see a woman of such power in such a powerless and vulnerable situation?

  13. Judgemental Budgie 11 months ago

    Blue eyed women are witches… jealous bitches maaan, they were always this stupid

  14. Winter Is Coming 11 months ago

    you are week

  15. Christina Huang 11 months ago

    the season 1 dothraki were way more badass and frightening. khal moro and his bros seem so bland! like a cheap knockoff of season 1! the whole vibe of the dothraki scenes have changed drastically, from the costumes to the dialogue to the actors' demeanors.

  16. Mistermax30 11 months ago

    She's not that hot. She really isn't.

  17. Ryan Schroeder 11 months ago

    i love the look on his face when his blood riders start answering his question.

  18. Amanda Rae 11 months ago

    you have some out of order. fix that please.

  19. shannyn yotpimpa 11 months ago

    it is known

  20. Mike Young 11 months ago

    Khal Drogo: kills a man for insulting his wife by ripping his tongue out through his throat.
    Khal Moro: blunders around rhetorically while his bloodriders devolve into a Monty Python sketch.

  21. Brooke Page 11 months ago

    "Queen of Nothing"
    Proceeds to burn you all the fuck up when you threaten to rape her and walks out of the fire unharmed, causing all of the Dothraki to bow down
    "Queen of nothing? Bitch, please. I'm the Queen of the fucking fire that just burned y'alls asses!"

  22. Matalena 11 months ago

    hearing a nz accent like WOO! Go Joe!!

  23. devin uluç 11 months ago

    khaleesi iyice ete gelmiş.

  24. EDH 1970 11 months ago

    where can I see season 6 online ? I bought the box set of seasons 1 – 5, just finished the final episode of season 5, brilliant series

  25. 100nitrog 11 months ago

    Why does Dany always say that she's the first of her name? There were clearly at least several other Targaryen ancestors named Daenerys.

  26. Gaurab Chatterjee 11 months ago

    "Queen of nothing, a millionth of your name" … Jeez, that must have severely burnt even Daenerys, the "unburnt".

    Next time, just say your name and position and leave it at that, instead of reciting a shopping list of titles.

  27. Loveya226 11 months ago

    They left out the best part when she says she was Drogo's wife, and the Khal was like, "fuck, my bad".

  28. Viraj Takale 11 months ago

    Khalesi takes so long to introduce herself every time.. It's like she almost needs to hire someone for that.

  29. Moana 11 months ago

    I'm sorry Khalissi. I will say hello to Khal Drogo for you and your brother Viserys while Killian and I are in the underworld.

  30. Mason Woods 11 months ago

    White vagina hair anyone?

  31. Jacki Sears 11 months ago

    Whaaaaaat! NOOOOOO! Why did she say she was placed with the Nuns Never to be seen of again??? I will be soooo upset, what of Drogon? Her Empire? The men who love her?
    It CAN'T end like that.

  32. RJ Tiger 11 months ago

    "Queen of nothing". That's a piece of the prophecy of the house of the undying in the books. So to me that is the best scene in the episode one season six, watchers of the show only can kiss my ass.

  33. Sosa 11 months ago


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