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Disable ENTER NETWORK CREDENTIALS on Network Connections Windows 10 (3 Possible Methods)

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Getting “Enter Network Credentials” OR “Enter Network Password” on Network Connections in Windows 10? The problem can be fixed by these three simple methods.

Method 1: 0m4s
Right click on Windows Start ButtonControl PanelNetwork and InternetNetwork and Sharing CenterChange advanced sharing settings (on the left panel)All NetworksAll Networks (On the bottom): Expand it scroll down to bottom and TURN OFF PASSWORD PROTECTED SHARING.

Method 2: 0m56s
Right click on Windows Start ButtonControl PanelSystem and SecurityAdministrative ToolsLocal Security PolicyLocal PoliciesSecurity OptionsAccounts: Limit Local account use of blank passwords to console logon only: change it to DISABLED. Click on apply and OK.

Method 3: 2m13s
Please try this ONLY if the methods above doesn’t work! Type Services in Windows Search panelopen serviceslocate CREDENTIAL MANAGERplease change it to DISABLED and STOP the Service!

Please RESTART your system if the problem persists!

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  1. Silky Tp 1 year ago

    On which computer do you try these changes? All of them?

  2. zkeeglist 1 year ago

    Awesome! It worked! Thanks so much!

  3. Matthew Murphy 1 year ago

    THANK YOU! Jesus tap dancing christ! Why must they make us jump thru these god damn hoops???

    yes…I got it working finally.

  4. Vinod Pal 1 year ago

    terrible music,

  5. Jeff Gehman 1 year ago

    #1 worked for me – Thanks! Not sure why it changed, though. Had no problems, then I did.

  6. Max Teste 1 year ago

    Nothing of this worked ! But typing "admin" for both actually did ! Cool music tho

  7. Jessica okyere 1 year ago

    1st method worked for me.Thanks

  8. Xenozaga ! 1 year ago

    Task maneger and end the task

  9. PlumtreeRadio.TV 1 year ago

    There is no "LOCAL SECURITY POLICY" under "ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS! Other methods do not work! Windows 10 SUCKS! user name= Anonymous, Password nothing. It worked!

  10. w wyborn 1 year ago

    for anyone that this hasnt worked for , step 4 is to go to computer properies / remote settings / uncheck allow connections only from ……
    worked for me after hours of trying

  11. Tixeld PvP 1 year ago

    For anyone that still has this problem, here's what worked for me
    1. Set up passwords on both devices (preferably the same)
    2. Set your computer name to something recognizable (the server that is)
    3. Go ahead and log in to your server from your host machine.
    In the username field, type in computernameusername (obviously replace the username and computername with the servers credentials)
    In the password field, type in the computers password.

    This took me 2 god damn days to figure out. It's a shame that Microsoft had to remove home group, like why?
    Anyways I hoped it helped. Any questions please comment ill be sure to help

  12. Shivaji Jagadale 1 year ago

    Thanks sir

  13. Mamacat 04 1 year ago

    Best tutorial I found, ty.

  14. Howard Morgan 1 year ago

    Thank you for the excellent video – magnifying the text you are looking at is a great idea – and the quality of the solutions . I went through all 3 and have full access to both my NAS without trouble which had eluded me for days

    My problem started shortly after the Dec 2019 W10 update., and I cannot help but link the problem to something there. If Microsoft have so many places where the demand for credentials can be set up or cancelled, it is hardly any wonder .

    Anyway – more power to your elbow – from a subscriber (now)

  15. BadCookie 1 year ago

    instructions unclear, accidently hacked russia

  16. Victor Spoils 1 year ago

    Did not work for me either. Windows is a POS that stinks to high heaven.

  17. Raka Gustiawan 1 year ago

    thx dude

  18. Jose Fuentes 1 year ago

    Thank youuuuuu Two Work for me

  19. Sensible Edibles 1 year ago

    you rock

  20. Bilal ÖĞE 1 year ago

    allah razı olsun. ilk yöntem hayatımı kurtardı. windows 10 bir bilgisayarım vardı ve windows 8.1 bir bilgisayarın printer'ına bağlamaya çalışıyordum. bilgisayarda şifre yada kullanıcı hesabı yoktu. o yüzden istenilen "credential" kısmına ne yazarsam yazayım printer'a bağlanamadım. Daha sonra windows 8.1 yüklü bilgisayarın şifre istemesini kaldırdım ve işe yaradı

  21. Vishnu Vichu 1 year ago

    not bad.But im so sorry i hate these types of background music.

  22. kimoVoid 1 year ago

    It works! Tysm

  23. Aled Long 1 year ago



    1 year ago

    If you still can't fix it try adding:

    Username: anonymous

    password: (none)

    (none) means don't write anything

  24. red vegiesoup 1 year ago

    it is off. so y is it still asking me? ok fixed it I think. forgot to check/ uncheck something. I dont see local security policy in my list.

  25. Scott Gelber 1 year ago

    music rules

  26. afaq misurata 1 year ago

    negative \ all 3 methods are 0 !
    windows 10 pro

  27. FitzOnPC 1 year ago

    Got it working, thanks. The interface is different but the steps were the same.

  28. Pollo Frito 1 year ago

    I came for the music!

  29. James Mulvale Sound 1 year ago

    Thanks. worked a charm

  30. Vulcan 1 year ago

    Thank you, I forgot after reinstalling windows 10 to turn off file password in step 1. Worked like a charm

  31. Athari struggle 1 year ago

    worst video

  32. Bong Libunao 1 year ago

    Thank you very much for sharing. 🙂

  33. Chef James Resciniti 1 year ago

    I don't have a "local security policy" folder

  34. Roberto Scarfullery 1 year ago

    after windows updated this happened to me. i did the first step on the pc and it solved for the rest who had acces to it. thank you @Iviewgle

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