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Billionaire Kylie Jenner Has Been Really Quiet Since This Happened

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From Business Fails To Ultimate Success, There’s A Reason Why Kylie Jenner Is The Youngest Self-Made Billionaire AGAIN! – Compilation
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Regardless of how you feel about the Kar-Jenner family, you have to give them credit for being highly successful. And no one is more successful than our girl, Kylie Jenner. This girl’s the world’s youngest billionaire and she’s got the beauty to match the brains.

Although she has had her fair share of scandals from her business to her personal life with Jordyn Woods and Travis Scott, she has consistently superseded all of her family members and friends with her wealth. Because of her empire and influence, she can easily spoil her daughter Stormi Webster with expensive things and even use her authority to help impact a pandemic.

What do you think of Kylie Jenner? Do you think she’ll continue to influence for many generations or do you think her time will be over shortly? Let us know in the comment section, make to like this video and subscribe to The Talko for everything fashion, beauty, and celebrity info.


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  1. Jas Kpegoh 1 year ago

    Love Keeping Up With The Kardashians x

  2. Life as Hillary 1 year ago

    They can but there own masks it's cheap

  3. Life as Hillary 1 year ago

    The Walnut is crushed to the point where you cant feel it. It's totally safe.

  4. Shabeshan Sasi 1 year ago

    these seem like conspiracies rather than facts

  5. Witty1 1 year ago

    I never understood why people complained that her makeup was on the washcloth. Isn’t the whole purpose of face wash to wash your face? There should only be complaints if there was no make up on the washcloth after using face wash.

  6. Carmen Carlton 1 year ago

    I think she worked so hard to be beautiful if you remember when her mother try to get her and sister modeling one made it but the other could not make it so she did what she had to so she would not be the ugly sisters

  7. victoria danieldaniel 1 year ago

    Victoria Daniel love's Keeping Up With The Kardashian's happy for her that's all

  8. Emily O'Connor 1 year ago

    44:48 of my time wasted

  9. Elie Zon 1 year ago

    I’ve never buy any of her products and tbh I don’t think I ever will. 🤔

  10. Mermaid Ferb 1 year ago

    She’s out here living the rich life while there are so many people that help her make her billions and give 110% and she’s giving 40% she’s a s*** show if ur working for a billionaire u should be getting health benefits and a lil more than minimum wage! She pretends to care but she clearly on cares about bringing home $ and not about her staff she just wants the life and $ what a disgusting person!!!

  11. Mahira 02 1 year ago

    I love her

  12. Cs119 cs119 1 year ago

    She is a billionaire she does not care LOL

  13. rl11 1 year ago

    The talko's videos in a nut shell intro lies lies lies lies and even more lies and a lot of fake and the outro

  14. QUEEN leaelui 1 year ago


  15. rl11 1 year ago

    I don't know why the video had to be so long it was a waste of time

  16. wodmcvirnci 1 year ago

    Because of this factors she’s a billionaire, that’s sad. Nothing to be a proud of.

  17. Jenifer Navarro 1 year ago

    DO YOU HATE KYLIE TALKO??🤔 pretty obvious. ALL make-up brands BASICALLY HAVE THE SAME COLOR PALETTE – the difference is basically their name.

  18. Lisa Vialpando 1 year ago

    No surprise here ! This woman is a billionare & her factory workers have no health insurance & poor working conditions ! I would never ever use Kylie cosmetics !….😜👎

  19. Charmayne Michele 1 year ago

    Her old face is starting to come back. I can slowly see the old Kylie again. A strange facial transformation. Hope she doesn't go for another face lift. You're not even finished growing, until you're around 22 year's old. Besides, she was already very pretty. 🌸

  20. adam ramazanov 1 year ago

    Why do yall hook up on that wallnut scrub . Let it goooo. Everyone makes mistakes

  21. Charlotte Gyine 1 year ago

    wala na bang macontent talko? trying hard makagawa ng stupid content

  22. Briii Licious 1 year ago

    I’m completely obsessed with the Kardashians! Idc what anyone else says I’m always gonna love them:)

  23. louis john 1 year ago

    They copied it from cool pop

  24. Sipho Rasana 1 year ago

    The word on the streets is, she’s not what she claiming to be! She paid Forbes Magazine to promote her name. Her products are suffering.

  25. Ahwenepankasa Winsconsin 1 year ago

    The Talko! So,U guys literally combined all the videos U av of Kylie and gave it a new title,huh? The familiarity ain't no déjà vu….

  26. Waisale Suguvanua 1 year ago

    44mins 😅😅 the shadeee 😂😂👏

  27. Cheap 'N Chic 1 year ago

    Is it weird that I'm a fan of hers & her family but I don't ever buy any of their products? Lol Maybe because I went to one of their DASH stores years ago & staff was horrible, clothing was meh. I remember thinking "Dang I should've just gone to Nordstrom".😂😂😂

  28. Maytte 28 1 year ago

    Wait I’m like 15 minutes in and I just realized this video is 44 minutes long 😭

  29. Betty Ware 1 year ago

    This is prob how the covid virus got started. 😂😂 jk

  30. Jessica Martin 1 year ago

    Sorry but if it’s a minimum wage job and the workers are having aaaaalll these issues ….. why not quit and get another minimum wage job. Sounds like people just wanna complain, as with every job.

  31. ชัยศักดิ์ สวัสดิ์ภิรมย์ 1 year ago


  32. nick_43 1 year ago

    I feel like I just watched a gossip video and then one of those add they put on loops in TV

  33. CiCi Dawn 1 year ago

    hmmm- wear too much make up make me feel yucky like a clown – lucky i don't wear heavy makeup so i don't need the help from makeup stuff everyday hahaha- i hope her makeup business still exit bc other makeup companies came out longer than her- remember that.
    future is uncertain..

  34. Hi Unknown 1 year ago

    The Talko is amazing at gathering information and explaining it perfectly

  35. Revy 11906 1 year ago

    Tbh Kylie isn’t self made she got money form relationship and toxic makeup . If she’s as rich as you say she can make makeup that’s wonderful or skin care that l doesn’t tear your skin . If she did this I’m guessing she would make more money

  36. Adil Mohammed 1 year ago

    I’m not watching this whole thing 😂

  37. GLANCE VLOGS 1 year ago

    Wow great way of living. a good life isn't it?

  38. Um.Aishah Noor 1 year ago

    Me: this is only 10 minutes.
    After 6 minutes: WHAT THIS IS 45 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Samiah Ali 1 year ago

    They really like


    (Keeping Up With The Kardashians)

  40. JuliaMArtistry 1 year ago

    Why did you say she's 21? She's not 21.

  41. I’m Barney 1 year ago

    Wait I remember watching this video this is not a new video

  42. Betsy 1 year ago


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