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(18/05/2020) Ayutha Ezhuthu – Tamil Nadu takes on Central govt: Politics of Covid19 | Thanthi TV

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#AyuthaEzhuthu | #EdappadiPalanisamy | #PMModi
(18/05/2020) Ayutha Ezhuthu – Tamil Nadu takes on Central govt: Politics of Covid19 | Thanthi TV

Panelist – Manushyaputhiran, DMK // Narayanan, BJP // Maruthu Alaguraj, AIADMK // Snehan, MNM // Ramesh, Journalist

Uploaded on 18/05/2020:

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  1. Rizan JA 10 months ago

    E. P. S /. Comali. You. /. B. J. P /. Racist Moid TYRES NAKKIS. Comedy. Peace

  2. Afreeth A 10 months ago

    Kadan yarta irundu vanguvanga ??

  3. Jaffar Sadik 10 months ago

    Madurai alahu from which part of world, dont talk stupid poli and dirty politics what u are doing dont compare dmk, they cheated people and u are a well wishers, thanthi TV dont call stupid, if u need comedy call rajini kanth

  4. PREM RAMALINGAM 10 months ago

    மருது இங்கு கவிதை தேவையில்லை கேட்ட கேள்விக்கு பதில் சொல்லுங்கள் please

  5. Jaffar Sadik 10 months ago

    Let cm take ac to bring people in Dubai who is struggling to rtn back home, done just discuss about bars, funds to be collected, it is very clearly showing the fund from central govt to pay Tn govt will never be paid, be a educate ,professional cm to take care of the people who spend their lives in uae,ksa and other gulf countries, if the govt is capable of making job for youth, why every one is looking to get a job in other countries? It is fate of the people not by birth by the ruler like this govt, previous govt, all are looting politicians. Ir is by the people, I am sure the new generation will never and ever support idiots to rule and make fool of people, let us stop this voting machine then will see the difference

  6. PREM RAMALINGAM 10 months ago

    மருது அழகுராஜ் கடைசியா மோடி எங்கள் டாடி சொல்கிறார்

  7. vanni vanni 10 months ago

    ஈழத்தமிழன எதிர்பாத்தான் மே 18 எங்கள் பிரச்னை கதைப்பீங்க என்று இல்ல.

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